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Boss Up Project

Coming together to build a productive, profitable, and sustainable business within our passion points in Real Estate.

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Next Launch: Wednesday, October 22st at 2 PM


October 22nd at 4 PM

October 29th at 4 PM

November 12th at 4 PM

November 19th at 4 PM

December 3rd at 4 PM

December 10th at 4 PM

What are we covering?


Goal Setting to the Now

The secret to achieving big things is goal setting to the now. Goal setting to the now is the concept of taking your long-term goals and breaking them down to understand what needs to be done at different stages. It's reverse engineering that gets you from the distant future to today.



If you don't start now, when will you?  Creating a brand isn't as complex as it sounds, and it will truly make everything else you do in your business easier!


Going from Agent to Business Owner

Let's talk about taking the action necessary to build a business, and create a business worth owning!  We'll jump right into structure and systems to set you up for running like a well-oiled machine!


The answer to it all, Lead Generation

We're going to mastermind to find your sweet spots and what is going to work for you! We'll create your road map for next year and tie a little bow on it!  


MIllionaire Real Estate agent Models

We're jumping into the Budget Model, Economic Model, & Organizational Model, straight from the Millionaire Real Estate Agent!  Our simple template and pathway to put these models in place will skyrocket your business!


MIllionaire Maker 

We bring it all together on our final day!  We will discuss how to act on your plan and create the discipline needed to execute.

Plus a One-on-One Private Coaching Session

We will finish this series with a one on one private coaching appointment.  We'll review your entire 2021 Business Plan and ensure you are set for success!

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About Me

My motto: You never have to get ready when you stay ready!

Hey Hey!  I'm Tisa Daniels and I have a passion for helping Agents turn their jobs into their businesses!  I've been in Real Estate for 14 years and love to take my experience and expertise into the field to help others!  I'm passionate, organized, disciplined, and thriving!  I wish to help you move your business from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

I am currently a Florida Realtor, Owner of The Monsteras Group at Keller Williams and Real Estate Coach & Consultant at Shifting Baselines Consulting.

Tisa Daniels

Shifting Baselines Consulting

(727) 777-3204


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